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How To Improve Your Personality With Right Approach

(Learn how to improve your personality with right approach)


to Improve your personality



How good if I tell you that improving personality just need one thing. Yes you heard it right, and that magical thing is “a process”. Which follows an inward to outward path or approach.

Most people misunderstood personality with something “to show off” or “a tool to impress others”. Well, that’s an outward approach, and an end goal. But to achieve this end goal you need to go through an inward approach. This inward approach can’t be ignored if you want an impactful personality. Conclusively, you need to follow both approaches to have an attractive personality.

So, what’s this inward to outward approach? Let’s see



The inward approach to improve your personality

Personality is something which is “very personal”. It’s all about you. To have a better personality, change is needed in the way you think. Also, an upgradation in knowledge is important along with right attitude, mental state and communication skills. All these things are required to prepare a foundation of good character.

Think it like that way, for a rose to look attractive outside, it needs to undergo several internal changes. It starts from an ovary, ovule and then blooming into a beautiful flower. Your approach to develop a good personality is never different.

This journey to achieve right character requires various internal changes. Let’s have a look on them.



1. Improve your Psychological and Philosophical understanding

It’s very important to know what kind of person you are. To command your behavior in various situations, psychological understanding is very important.

Showing restlessness waiting for the order in restaurant

Loosing temper while watching a football match in stadium

Looking anxious for every single thing

All these signs are of psychologically weaker person. Even if having any one of them, don’t let it display on your face.

A person with personality never reacts to situation but rather act accordingly. To achieve this consciousness, start observing your behavior in different circumstances. Philosophy is one such way which helps you to observe things wisely and to choose right way of handling situations.

Do read one book a month to improve philosophical concepts and maintaining psychological control. 

Best seller books on personality development.



2. Adapt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

You don’t need six pack abs but a fit body to feel confident. Charismatic personalities prioritize healthy lifestyle and maintaining body posture.

Adapting a healthy lifestyle brings charisma in your personality. Your diet plan, amount of sleep you take, exercising, yoga, all these contributes to develop a lifestyle. Also, this helps in controlling hormones.



3. Learn something new

Learning something new definitely helps to improve your personality. It’s a proven fact that learning new things strengthen mind muscles and bring positive changes in attitude. Learning new skills make you enthusiastic. And an enthusiastic person is more expressive and attractive.

Skills such as playing guitar, dance form, poetry, anchoring, are good to feel passionate about life. Additionally, this makes you a showman on various public platforms.


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4. Communication and Listening skills

You can not sideline communication as far as personal development is concerned. And more than putting your point, thing which is more important is “ability to listen”.

In order to have great communication skills you should focus more on “listening” rather “speaking”. Surprisingly, people with great personality speak less and listen more.

Listening carefully gives you more time to think with a well framed and calculated reply. This will make replies impactful and people will give more attention to your words.



The Outward approach to improve your personality

“Your first impression is your last impression”

Outward approach is equally important as inward approach. External look should be influencing and solid. Most of the people mislead external look with fashion. But it’s important to look organized than to look beautiful/stylish.

If your external attire doesn’t make you feel confident and comfortable then you must change it. Let’s see how external approach helps to improve your personality.



1. Learn Social Skills

It will cost nothing to meet a person with a smile.

Appreciating is more cooler than being jealous.

Opinions never hurt, the way they are presented do.

Social behavior reflect your thinking and how friendly or scary you are. When having a cold handshake or one without any facial expressions, you loose a relation. Your greeting shouldn’t look formality, instead it should look natural and warming. Factually, people sense fakeness easily. So make sure to be real and natural.

Another important social skill is to appreciate achievements of others. A person with influencing personality always cherish and support people around him/her.

If you have a genuine opinion on any topic make sure presenting them shouldn’t look offensive. For this, you need to have control on voice tone and volume. Keep distance from political and religious discussions but on social topics take a firm stand.



2. Make and manage connections

Surprisingly, many find it difficult to make bonding with new people. Though the fear is real but it just need an “initiative”.

Dealing with people is never complicated in reality than it’s in your own mind. Leave all those doubts aside and start meeting new people. Start connecting with people of similar interests. Soon, making connections would be much easier.

New connections is good but never forget the one you already have. It just need one text or call to refresh your old relations. This gesture will improve bonding with them and reflects the respect you give to connections.

A person with good personality is more a attention giver than an attention seeker. Never miss a chance to make new connections and never make older connections forget you. You can name it as golden formula to improve personality and adding more charisma to it.



3. Be their for others

It is very important to not run from responsibilities and offer help whenever you can. A Strong person is always ready to help others, not just to show off but because this genuinely makes him happy.

A hand of help in difficult times is always appreciated. This gains respect and trust of people.



4. Own a good dressing sense

You don’t need fashionable clothes to look attractive. Personality does not mean smart looks and expensive apparels.

Focus more in the way you dress rather what you dress. Even neat, clean and well ironed clothes are enough for an impactful personality. Don’t hesitate to have a cool hairstyle but it should reflect your personality. Take care of color combination while selecting apparels. The best get up is the one which makes you comfortable and confident. The most important thing to wear is smile, make sure it’s there.



5. Motivate others

This is the hidden secret and implemented by few. People with remarkable personality never miss a chance to motivate others.

Each one of us has our own struggles in life. Make a difference in someone’s life while boosting his/her moral whenever required. People love to be with such person who radiates positive vibes.




There are two approaches to improve your personality

  • Inward approach
  • Outward approach

Inward approach consists 4 techniques

  1. Improve your Psychological and Philosophical understanding.
  2. Adapt a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Learn something new.
  4. Communication and Listening skills.

Outward approach consist 5 techniques

  1. Learn Social Skills
  2. Make and manage connections
  3. Be their for others
  4. Own a good dressing sense
  5. Motivate others

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