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Understanding An Introvert Personality Type

Understanding Introvert personality type

Introverts are very unpredictable, aren’t they? We’re never sure of what’s there in their mind. This make them special and unique, often leave most people furious. Also, the curiosity to know introvert’s behavior leave many myths around them. In this blog we’ll try to break those myths to understand introvert personality type and how their mind functions.


Defining an Introvert Personality Type

In simple words, An introvert’s behavior is more dependent upon internal stimulation rather external source. They refuel energy in quiet environment or being alone and drain that energy while being in public.


What Science says

Everything revolves around the dopamine!

Dopamine is a chemical that we use to process “rewards” and positive reactions.

The researchers at the University of Amsterdam monitored two regions of brain, amygdala and nucleus accumbens. Where amygdala handles emotional reaction, nucleus accumbens responsible to process dopamine.

They found that extroverts have stronger reactions in these two regions. This implies that their brain “rewards” them when meeting new people, attending public events, learning new things etc. Contrary, an introvert’s brain don’t “reward” him while performing same activities. In fact, they get “rewarded” while spending time with themselves, doing self introspection, even talking to close ones.

Let’s break some of the myths about introverts.


Introverts need not be SHY

Introvert life

Introvert’s usually talk less, they aren’t fit for rapid discussions. This make people label them as “Shy”. Well that isn’t always true!

There is a difference between being shy and less talkative. Its just they need more information about the person and situation to process, so that they can add more value to the conversation. Moreover, they prefer to the point conversation without adding extra drama. The natural inward trigger make them think before they could speak. This shows they believe in quality conversation rather chit-chat or gossips.

It has been noticed that once they absorb the situation or connect with a person, the conversation is much fluent. Not hesitant to say that with an introvert one could have best quality discussions.


They don’t hate People

Life of introvert

This could be one of the worst misconception about introverts. They do have a family, friends and relationships, so no way one can say they hate people. Introvert personality type prefer quality over quantity and this could be the reason behind having less friends and connections.

As their “reward” is achieved inwards, thus impressing people ain’t needed. They often initiate less and not keen to meet new people every time and everyday. But that doesn’t mean they don’t value their established relations. In most cases, introverts are selfless lovers. Along with that empathy is key asset of their personality and hard believers of social work and donations.

So it’s wrong to assume they’re psychopath. They really aren’t those with serial killer instincts as shown in movies and web series. You could be lucky if you’ve an introvert friend.


Introverts Can Lead

Introvert are leaders

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, Elon Musk.

Yes all are introverts!

Looking all these examples it’s not fair to say introverts can’t be good leaders. Even it could be said that introverts holds majority of great leader tags. Their ability to analyze things deep and self introspection make them a good problem solver. That’s an asset, isn’t it.

They put a good time in research and situation analysis. This builds a good foundation for great and bold decisions. The way they back these decisions and stick to the plan make people believe in their leadership. You can say they naturally gifted. Even it’s shocking how public speakers like Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi are introverts. So the perception of introverts having stage or public speaking fear doesn’t stand anywhere. Moreover they have a very charming personality.


Introverts do get angry

Most people take soft spoken attitude of introverts for granted. This make introvert personality type people more prone to aggressive comments and mockery. Why on earth people have this illusion that introverts can’t be angry or offended while being mocked.

It could be possible that introverts won’t show their anger instantly but they’ll distant themselves from you. They feel deep and have a good memory of any bad treatment to them. Rather than having an argument they choose to block a person from social media and life.

This doesn’t implies they don’t understand humor. They possibly have a higher sense of differentiating humor and insult. It could be possible that because of being influenced inwards they can’t compromise with their self-esteem.


They don’t mind a Company

introvert friends

It’s a misconception that they like to live alone all the time. They could be fun loving people who can have best one liners jocks while spending time with their close ones.

With introverts, it’s all about comfort level. Introverts really enjoy spending time with people they know well. But along with that they make sure to not drain whole energy in public. So it’s a balance they maintain between opening up and looking for peace.


Introvert personality type aren’t hard to Love


Introvert relationship

People don’t initiate proposals to introverts irrespective of gender. The biggest fair is often that their introvert partner might feel distant from the relationship too soon. It’s a myth that introverts don’t believe in something like love.

It’s reality that they don’t hurry when it comes to commitment. Possibly, they need more time to process the things to understand the person. The amount of patience they show in choosing love is incredible and might frustrate the temporary heads haha.

Once they find the right partner the depth of them falling in love is immeasurable. They are more loyal to the commitment and prove to be passionate lovers.



The aim of this article is to remove some myths about the introverts. The world of introverts is no different from extroverts. That’s why treating introverts different is so unfair. If you too feel it difficult to connect with introverts then do remove all the proclaimed myths about them. Hope the articles helps both introvert and extroverts to understand each other well.

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